Orthodontic Services in Cumming for a Beautiful, Straight Smile

Part of achieving and maintaining a healthy smile is treating misaligned and crowded teeth. Malocclusions get in the way of thorough brushing and flossing and can cause a variety of complications.

We provide both traditional metal braces and Invisalign clear braces and recommend treatments according to age and specific oral health issues.

Straight Teeth are More Attainable than Ever with Invisalign®

With Invisalign clear aligners, mature teens and adults alike can discreetly but effectively straighten their teeth. This orthodontic solution is removable and generally unnoticeable.

You are free to eat, brush, and floss normally, as long as you wear these clear braces at least 22 hours per day. The modified version for teens includes an indicator to help parents monitor their kids’ compliance.

How Does Invisalign Work?

This innovative and straightforward approach starts with a consultation where a detailed impression of your teeth is obtained and sent to the Invisalign lab.

A precise simulation of your expected progress is created and viewed on your second visit, at which time you can decide whether or not to receive treatment with Invisalign. If you proceed, the entire series of aligner trays are crafted and sent to our dental office.

Our team provides you with your first few aligners and checks for proper fit and comfort. Plan to return periodically for assessments and to receive more aligners. Careful observation is a vital aspect of a successful outcome.

When are Traditional Metal Braces a Better Choice?

For children with orthodontic issues who may be tempted to remove Invisalign aligners throughout the day, metal braces are still the best choice. Our orthodontist is highly-skilled, experienced, and committed to the comprehensive treatment of malocclusions.

For teens and adults who have severe bite issues, metal braces may also be the most appropriate option.

Cumming Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics provides a full line of orthodontic methods to straighten teeth.

Start with Orthodontic Treatment to Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

Our compassionate dental professionals help patients realize their full smile potential. Give us a call today to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.


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